Different goddesses are representative of different seasons. I thought it might be interesting to learn a little bit about some goddesses associated with spring.


Persephone, goddess of the Underworld. In Greek Mythology, Persephone was kidnapped by Hades, God of the Underworld. As her heartbroken mother, Demeter searched for her daughter, the world fell into the despair of winter. Demeter refused to let the earth bear fruit until her daughter was returned to her. A reluctant Zeus agreed. However, Persephone ate some pomegranate seed while in the Underworld, and was required to return to the underworld for 6 months each year. One month for each seed she had eaten. Each spring, when Persephone returns to her mother, the earth bursts into spring. When she returns to the underworld, the earth experiences winter.


Blodeuwedd- created from flowers by men, she was made to be a bride to the son of Arianrhod, Llew. However, Blodeuwedd did not possess the heart and soul of a woman, and did not wish to submit to a partner she did not choose. She fell in love with Goronwy, and the two devised a plan to kill Llew, no easy task as he was well protected by his guardians. Goronwy struck Llew with a spear which had taken a year to construct, as he stood on the hide of an animal as he stepped out of a bath (convinced to do so by Blodeuwedd). Llew transformed into a wounded eagle, eventually healed and killed Goronwy. Blodeuwedd was transformed into an owl, a bird who could only show her face at night, to be shunned by other birds.


Flora, Roman Goddess of Spring. Though considered a minor goddess, Flora is associated with spring and fertility. Her festival was held in April or May (similar to Beltane) and consisted of drinking, dancing, and flowers. She is the goddess of all flowering plants.

Ideas for inviting spring into your life: Spring Cleaning: open the windows of your home (as weather permits) and let the spring air invigorate your home. Clean away the winter debris and place a vase of flowers in a central point of your home. Raise your energy and embrace your sexuality. Not only is spring a celebration of the fertility of our plants, it s a celebration of the fertility of humans. Embrace the exciting energy of this time and have some fun with your SOlooooooooooooosers!