The New ArchangelsEdit

So as I said in my other thread, there are a number of "new" Archangels available for us to work with from the earth plane. They are nottechnically "new" but have not previously been known by those in theearth dimension, as we evolve and our vibrations become closer to theangelic kingdom, more angelic help is available to us, according to Diana Cooper in her new book.

The Archangels she names are:

Archangel Christiel

Works on the causal chakra (above the crown, the higher mind). You can ask him for help with silencing the 'chatter' ofyour mind so Divine guidance can be better and more clearly received.

Archangel Mariel

Works on the soul star chakra (the eleventhchakra, associated with ancestral links and patterns). You can ask himfor help to cleanse this chakra of unhelpful or unhealthy links.

Archangel Voku Monak

Already known to those of the Zorostrian faith. This archangel works close to Source.

Archangel Moroni

Was instrumental in the development of the Mormon faith.

Archangel Purlimiek

In charge of the nature kingdom and elementals.You can call on him for help with anything to do with connecting withor caring for nature, or for help with earth healing and ecologicalprojects.

Archangel Fhelyai

In charge of the welfare of animals both on thisplane and the next. Call on him for help with communicating with petsand totem animals. Archangel Fhelyai can also provide comfort for thosebereaved of a much-loved pet.

Universal Angel Roquiel

Works deep in the earth, and works on our earthstar chakra and our connection to the earth. He directs our energy anduniversal energy into ley lines and portals.

Archangel Butyalil

In charge of the delicate balance of Earth'splace in the wider universe. When he enters Earth's orbit he isbelieved to direct his stabilising energy down through the Pyramids.

Quite often, when one medium/spiritualist/angel/channeller expert becomes aware of "new"angels, so do others. So if you google these names you may find more information (please share any links). These angels can be worked with in the same wayas any other: simply by asking for help. As people get to working withthese angels, we will find out more about their particular associationsand preferences.

Fireflygirlelz NB. For anyone reading, none of this information is copied directly in the author's words, it's all in my own words, and there is also far, far more detail in the book. Fireflygirlelz