The Holy Guardian Angel

"You are in a hurry to leave the house. Right outside the door after turning on the house alarm on your way to the car, and then something flashes by your mind: something that you almost forgot. You went back into the house to get it.

How many times in our lives that these so called ‘memory flashes’ come into one’s mind out of the blue and you think to yourself you have been reminded by something you cannot explain? Some call it hunches, some call it ‘eureka factor’ whatever.

How about in a life and death situation, one is ‘saved’ from bodily harm by a synchronistic event?

In light of these synchronistic events, speculative spirituality would associate them as activities of one’s guardian angel, Holy Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide.

I have seen paintings of spirit guides and I look at the painter, hmmm striking resemblance and they are displayed and portrayed as American Indian, Hindu Guru, etc, but the facial features are the same as the painter. Could it be that the painter who channels and ‘witness’ a person’s spirit guide affects his ‘vision’ because the painter is an observer? In quantum physics, there is no isolated experiment or observation. The thing observed is changed because of the observer.

Here is a new thought on one’s Holy Guardian Angel. Imagine when one dies, the person’s Spirit is free from Earthly reality and being a Divine Spark of the Great Spirit, is capable of traveling to any ‘reality’, dimension, universe, planet, and even TIME? What if, the Spirit has the ability to travel forward and backward in time? What if, your Holy Guardian Angel is you after you die in the future?