Information posted by Sharron:

Sugilite is an angel stone which carries the perfection of spiritual or angelic love and manifests this love in the earth plane. It can be used for angelic communication, and for stimulating unconditional love in the heart chakra which can lead to heart healing, self-love and improved self-esteem. Its energy can flow from the crown chakra to the root chakra assisting in Kundalini work. It can be used to facilitate forgiveness, and helping to assimilate the lessons of this earthly lifetime. It can help to work with sugilite when puzzling out one's purpose and striving to achieve one's dreams - and can help also in dream work, when asking for signs from angels and higher beings in your nightly travels. It can be used to dispel negative emotions and is a good stone to carry when feeling discouraged or in despair. Physically, it can also ease headaches when held at the third eye chakra; and is a good stone of balance for this chakra.

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