Once, when I was a member of a huge spiritual community online (which unfortunately is no longer there) I found a post about power animals and animal medicine. This goes back to Native American lore but is relevant for anyone and the theory is that animals can carry messages, lessons and healing vibrations for people depending on what their soul needs to grow in that lifetime. This also explains strangely felt connections with animals, and the special bond that sometimes grows between yourself and one particular pet (I mean we all love our pets like babies, but this is like a bond that comes once in a lifetime type of thing).

The theory goes that there are 3 main animals which carry medicine/lessons/healing for you at any one point in your life...and this can change as you integrate your lessons and move on in life.

These are:

Your LIFE animal - a companion whose wisdom and lessons you take on board, an animal with which you feel an affinity, share characteristics or prefer as pets.

Your MESSAGE animal - an animal that you repeatedly see at certain points in your life, an animal that 'speaks' to you, makes a connection with you.

Your SHADOW animal - an animal that embodies qualities you really need to integrate your lessons in this lifetime, but you are often afraid to take on these characteristics, resistant to the lessons and scared of the animal.

The post went on to explain the messages that different animals can carry, but you can work these out using common sense and what you know about that animal.

Next week, I think we shall play a little with my animal medicine cards (anyone who wants to join in). I think I'm long overdue an animal medicine reading.

For now, what animal do you think might be your life animal(s), message animal(s) and shadow animal(s)? What lessons or healings do you think they could deliver to you?