I'm gonna start with a

Help finding things that are lost

very simple thing that I actually used today and have used before...Invoking the angels of lost property!

This may sound rather silly, but honestly, I believe there are angels out there in charge of many things, and that one of those things is looking after lost property. I used to be one of those people who was forever losing things like pens, pen lids, bottle tops, appointment cards, items of jewellery, etc. They'd always turn up like months later when I no longer needed them.

Today this happened to me. I was getting ready to go out with my mum and Daniel, and I couldn't find my keys anywhere. This key chain literally has everything I need on it. 99% of the time I drop it right back in my bag when I come in, just automatically. The other 1% when I have a lot of stuff to put away, or Daniel needs me right away, I usually drop it down on the table or occasionally the sofa. I was dashing around looking on the table, the kitchen tops, the mantelpieces, my computer desk, in and around my bag on the floor, all mine and Chris' coat and jeans pockets (he sometimes picks up my keys by mistake as his are similar) and couldn't find them anywhere. I was getting frustrated by then, so I went to get the spare car key and house key and went out, and on the way to my mum's I asked the angels of lost property to help find my proper set of keys, and show me where they were as soon as I went home.

Well, I was inspired to look on and under the sofa, even though I'd already looked there. And as I was moving Daniel's bits around looking, I saw a silver thing protruding out from underneath the sofa cushion, so I lifted it and lo and behold there were my keys! I must have dropped them by my bag on the sofa on Friday when I was putting things away, and the cats probably knocked them down underneath the cushion. Another mystery solved by the angels of lost property...

If you have cause to use this this week, all you need to do is remember to thank the angels for finding your things. If you've done this before and it's worked, or if you use it, post up to tell us if it worked! It's honestly never failed for me silly though it may sound!