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Now that we've come to the third day of the angel workshop some of you are working with pretty high energies depending on the angels, archangels and crystals you are working with and your level of involvement. The number of people communicating on quite a high level is likely to increase today as we're getting into angel stones and crystals of a particularly high vibration, so I just wanted to say a bit about grounding.

It is really important to ground yourself when you have been doing spiritual work of any kind. You will know if you need to get grounded, if you feel whizzy at all, 'out of it', spacy, dizzy, sick, nauseous, faint, too dreamy, unable to concentrate, unable to listen or take anything in, sleepy, drowsy, or you feel like your feet literally aren't on the floor.

Some things you can do to help you ground (please add to this if you know of any further ways):

Hold a grounding crystal in your receiving hand for half an hour to an hour, depending how you feel. This would include smoky quartz, hematite, black tourmaline, black obsidian, shaman stones or boji stones, and magnetic hematite - black and grey stones.

Sit down with your feet firmly planted on the floor and visualise roots travelling from your feet deep down into the core of the earth. Do this for about 5-10 minutes until you can "see" this very strongly and begin to feel less spacy.

Rub your feet and ankles or have your partner/child rub them for you.

Slowly sip a drink of cold water, and keep drinking plenty of water throughout the rest of the day.

Slowly sip a glass of red wine (drink responsibly girls).

Eat a bar of chocolate. No, seriously, it works!

Have a stodgy meal including chips, potatoes, pasta or rice.

Go for a short walk. Don't use this option if you feel nauseous, sick, dizzy or faint as it wouldn't be safe.

Sit in the garden and feel the grass or earth underneath your bare feet. If you have any weeding to do, now would be a good time - sinking your fingers into the earth releases negativity as well as being wonderfully grounding.

Have a nap if there is someone else around to watch the kids. Careful though - you might sleep through the night and miss your evening!

Have a lie down in front of the tv and rest.

Have a quiet 10 minutes, sit still with your feet firmly on the floor and your palms facing upwards resting on your knees, and ask the angels for grounding.