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Goddess Guinevere

Guinevere is best known as the Queen and wife of King Arthur but she is also a goddess. In fact, Guinevere is the Goddess of the Land and sought after by Arthur, Lancelot and many others as marrying her would give any one of them sovreignty of the land. Arthur eventually won her hand in marriage but it is said that she enjoyed a long love-affair with Lancelot, the greatest knight in the land.

It is said that she also has many other roles as Goddess including Flower Maid; a Faery Goddess of love, growth and fertility. She is also known as the White One, another name for a Faery Goddess. As the White One she creates chaos and havoc by bringing otherworldly powers into use in our reality. However, as Queen of the Round Table she inspires humans to push themselves to reach goals they thought impossible.

It was when King Arthur arrested Guinevere for adultery and treason that the power of the Round Table was symbolically broken.

Guinevere is also a Celtic Triple Goddess. Under her role as flower maiden she brings fertility to the earth so that trees can bear fruit and vegetation can grow; under her mother goddess role she overlooks her court and brings inspiration to mortals but also under her role as Crone her actions brought down the round table. It's sometimes said that these three roles are actually three different Guineveres who all married King Arthur at some point.

Her name means "white shadow" and she is also a May Queen, sometimes referred to as a female Gwyn Ap Nuad, 'God of the hunt' and otherworldly king.

The different aspects of Guinevere's identity and her powers include:

Bringing new cycles of growth and prosperity

giver of grace

First Lady of the Court

lady of the land

flower maiden

maiden warrior

bringing fertility to the land

Earth Mother

Love Goddess

Queen of Destiny

Green Lady

Guinevere may well be the ultimate shape-shifter. Her powers span all aspects of love and life, from home-maker to home-wrecker; from love and lust to homeliness and fertility. She is a very powerful goddess as her knowledge is far-spread and the effect of her energy is strong.

A Note From Sharron:Edit

There aren't a lot of indications about working with Guinevere but I know she is connected with the colour white so wearing white or working with white opals or snow quartz may be helpful. Somehow I feel that silver is also connected with Guinevere so if you have a silver talisman or a silver necklace you can wear or hold that would help.

This might be's a visualisation and an invocation/affirmation.

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