Goddess Abundantia

Abundantia is the Roman Goddess of fortune, prosperity and abundance. Her name literally means "plenty" or "overflowing riches". She practically identical to Copia, Annona and other similar goddesses and has taken on many forms, including the French 'Olde Dame Habonde', Pietas (Piety), Victoria (Victory), Libertas (Freedom), and Concordia (Harmony)

She has also been known as Domina Abundia, Lady Fortune and Notre Dame d'Abondance, the last of which being a faery featured throughout Teutonic mythology and poetry from the Middle Ages. It is said that she brings good fortune and 'the gift of plenty' to those she visits. In the modern world she is the patron saint of gamblers.

She is considered a minor deity in Roman mythology and is said to actually be the personification of luck, abundance and prosperity. Her responsibilities are many as she is also the guardian of the cornucopia, the 'horn of plenty' with which she distributed food and money, bringing money and grain to people while they were sleeping.

She has great beauty and angelic purity, is very patient and very loving. She is like a gracious hostess, always asking if you need anything, then fulfilling your every wish with love and grace.

The origin of the cornucopia is similar in both the Greek and the Roman mythology. Both state that the king of the gods Zeus accidentally broke the horn of the mystical goat Amalthea and to comfort her he promised that the horn would never run empty with the fruits of her desire such as food, drink and riches. The horn was later passed to Abundantia to keep.

She appeared in Norse myths as a goddess called Fulla and was the attendant of Frigg, the goddess of the atmosphere. She often performed favors for mortals on Frigg's behalf whenever they called upon the goddess to assist them.

She has also been described as the beautiful maiden of success and often featured in works of art where she's usually presented holding the cornucopia while letting the contents to spill to the ground. Her face could also be found on Roman coins during the 3rd century.

In modern times she is considered a protector of savings, investments and wealth and can help to lift you from poverty and financial hardship into joyous times of plenty.

Here is an affirmation I have found to help you ask Abundantia for help and show her your faith in her:

Abundantia, help me to be like you, knowing all my desires are met in all ways. Replace any worries I may have with joy and gratitude. Thank you for your gifts, guidance and protection. I am truly grateful and fulfilled for I know I am completely taken care of now and in the future.

That might be one to remember in the post-Christmas season!