Apollo17 earth


Brings connection to the Planets natural rhythms. Helps you remain focused within + able to work more effetively. Also to manifest all levels of required abundance.

Earthing yourself:Edit

Barefoot on earth or sand (at a beach); Gardening; hugging or sitting against trees, eating root crops - especially potatoes, creating with clay or sand, wearing red (esecially when doing sacred work), holding or wearing Earthing gemstones -hematite, malachite, NZ jade (paunamu), and smokey quartz

'Body as a tree' Visualisation:Edit

Arms + hands as branches...torso as trunk...legs + feet as roots. Feel your inner energy flow down through your roots into the center of Planet, + become anchored to the earth.

Earthing After Land Work, After Doing Healing Work or Whenever you feel You need it:Edit

Palms of hands flat onto land so any excess energy can pass into the center of the planet - to dissipate. Then bring up Earths energy through your hands into your body + swirl it within you..from the bottom of feet to the top of your head + back down again to your feet. Finally return it through your hands into the Earth. You can repeat entire process if necessary