Senior walk on the beach

Walking clears your energy

When I was away this weekend my friends and I went for a walk around some of the greener parts of St Albans and it turned out to be a really cleansing experience for me.

I have been struggling lately with some self-esteem issues which have risen to surface due to current situations in my life, but which are rooted in experiences of bullying when I was a teenager, which have literally been buried and left unresolved ever since.

We saw so many birds including a beautiful heron on the walk, and their light energy was really cleansing to me...we also saw lots of places with beautiful flowers...shining their beauty from the inside out as they grew healthily...and these acted as kind of a message to me about my own beauty, and how it radiates from the inside out and that as a being growing spiritually as well as physically, I am also beautiful.

Also we passed through a walkway which was just literally green on both sides, with overhanging trees, bushes etc. I suddenly remembered a technique I read about years ago, about pointing your fingers (especially forked) into the earth or into green plants to 'shoot off' negative energies and thoughts, as it does not harm the plants - in fact the plants transmute the negative energy back into life force and positive ions.

It occurred to me to bring each thought to the surface. The feeling that I am ugly and unworthy. The comments that were made back then that damaged my self-esteem. Everything, in turn, was brought to the surface to re-experience the pain, then I forked my fingers at the trees and plants and directed those thoughts out of me into the plants. I felt better, lighter, at the time.

I'll update you on whether or not it has any lasting effect, but I have used this technique before and found that it worked. Give it a try...

In the meantime, I'm hoping this has released some significant blocks to me getting certain things I want in my life. Watch this space...