Animal Power

While the subject of animals came up in QQOTD, I just wondered if any of you believed that animals serve a spiritual purpose and how we can work with them spiritually. The background on this is that it basically is an idea originating from the Native American Shamanic tradition. Animals can provide "medicine" or guidance from us with their different properties and messages in the same way that crystals can. I have always found this idea fascinating, and went so far as to buy an animal medicine card pack for working with animal vibrations.

To find your power animal(s), there are many different things you can do, including drawing cards from decks like mine, although they tend to stick to the traditional Native American animal guides and not include animals which might be around where we live in the modern world. One of the clearest things I have found is simply answering a short set of questions.

So, to try it, answer these questions:

1. Which animals have always fascinated you, especially in childhood?

2. Which animals have you always felt connected to?

3. What animals do you see frequently in the wild?

4. Which quality of animal best describes your personality?

5. Which animals do you have around you in pictures or figurines?

These questions will tell you your life animal(s), otherwise known as totem or power animals.

To look up their meanings of your animal(s), here is a great resource I found when we were discussing this at my forum: Cycle of Power - SayahdaA