Affirmations are statements, usually of positivity, used to focus the mind and intentions.

To add power to any affirmation, use it repetitively. Say it aloud, internally or write it down in repetitions of 3, 9, 15, 21, 33 etc, daily until the situation improves.

The Mirror Technique:Edit

There are a few ways to use affirmations, one is to simply say it to yourself. However, there is also the Mirror Technique:

"Mirror Affirmation Technique: This technique is great for helping you see yourself as beautiful. I learned this from Louise Hay books and modified it for my own use.

Stand in front of the mirror, preferably in underwear or unclothed. Start at one end of your body & work to the other end finding as many nice things to say about your body as you can. For example: "I love my ears. They hear well and enable me to listen. They have a beautiful shape. I love my wonderful ears."

Doing this techniques helps you find and appreciate more of you...The idea, of course, is to build a more positive overall self-image." - from

Writing your own AffirmationsEdit

Who's ever used affirmations? They're literally just positive statements, but they work based on the premise that thought creates reality. It's a little bit like programming your own beliefs. Subtle changes in the mind, heart and spirit then form the blueprint for positive things manifesting in your life.

To programme your mind or thought pattern you need to be repetitive. So, many things I've read about affirmations suggest that you say your affirmation for a set amount of times each day. I have sometimes made affirmations and written them out, like doing lines lol. I read somewhere (I think it was in a book by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the Violet Flame) that repetitions of 3 are powerful, so numbers like 3, 9, 12, 15, 33 even 99 if you wish are powerful numbers for affirmations.

The best affirmations are simple and the theory behind this is that they are easy to remember, that way if you're out say shopping, walking the dog or driving the car you could be saying your affirmations under your breath (or out loud, the more vocalised they are the more they will seep into your consciousness).

Affirmations should seek to make change from the inside out, so it's best that you affirm qualities you can develop yourself to improve your life in some way. However you can affirm that certain energies are in your life or in your environment, as this will also prompt you subconsciously to do all you can to make those changes, similar to the idea that when you pray you are in part setting a precedent for yourself to fulfil.

They should be worded 100% positively. I AM is the most powerful statement, possibly the most powerful in the universe. So if you want to manifest love in your life, I AM LOVE works well, if you want to become braver in a situation I AM COURAGE is great. You could have any number of them, beautiful, prosperous, lucky, fortunate, grateful, selfless, loving, kind, compassionate, spiritual, patient, careful, happy, whatever quality you believe you need to develop.

If you want to go a little bit more complex, keep it positive by wording it as if what you want has already manifested. So for example if you want to manifest a relationship, you might want to incorporate that you are attractive and lovable and in the right place at the right time to meet a suitable partner. You could word that affirmation with I AM. I am attractive, lovable and am in the right place at the right time to meet a partner.
Or you could use I HAVE. I am attractive, lovable and have many opportunities to meet a partner. If you want to manifest better wealth, you could say I have abundance and prosperity in my life.

In short, don't use I will be, or I want, or I would like, or I will have, placing it in the future. Word it as if the thing you want is in your life right now.

I've used these before, and I have to say the shorter and simpler the better. They work best for making changes within yourself which then reflect on your outer world. I've been thinking about using them again as last year I seemed to have a run of bad luck, and as that happens your energy drops and you forget to use these tools. So I thought I'd share in case anybody else was in need of something like this. - Originally posted by Sharron

Affirmation Examples:Edit

Here are some examples of Affirmations:

I follow my dreams to my highest good. This affirmation works especially well if you're working with the crystal sugilite, but it's a nice simple one that's relevant for everyone
- Originally Posted by Sharron (Silverla/Gypsy)

I now have enough time, energy, wisdom and money to accomplish all my desires. For those with abundance issues, a problem you just can't solve or an impossible dream! - Originally Posted by Sharron/Silverla

I am beyond group beliefs or the calendar. I am free from all congestion and influence.

Nothing is impossible. Impossible is nothing. ~ Originally Posted by Sharron/Silverla/Sarah